“The Rule of Three” Packing Philosophy

I love to travel but the one thing I hate about the whole process is packing. I am, like many fashion obsessed women, an over packer. I always bring more than I should and am a firm believer in the “what-if” philosophy.

However, on my first adventure to Europe I knew I could not pack half my wardrobe like I normally did. I needed room for souvenirs after all! So, for this trip I changed my packing mantra to packing only the essentials. This philosophy proved to be a lot harder than I thought, as I must have unpacked over ten times realizing time after time that I was taking too many things. I decided to look to the Internet to find some help for my packing dilemma.I looked through several sites and the one thing that kept popping up was “The Rule of Three”. This genius concept for packing is pretty straight forward and a great guideline to follow when packing for any trip.

Basically, you pack three of everything, three shirts, three bottoms, three dresses, three jackets and three pairs of shoes. The key here is to make sure that all your pieces can be combined to make several different outfits.

three rule

Three Shirts: I would say that out of all the items on the list, this is the most crucial. These three shirts can make or break your outfits, so chose wisely. When packing for my trip I made sure to look at weather tracking sites of the areas I was traveling to just to make sure what kind of shirts to bring.I brought one lightweight long sleeve shirt for walking around at night. Since I was traveling in the summer I wanted something that would be cool but still prevent any nighttime chill that might occur. For my other two choices I brought shirts that were of good quality and could with stand a wash in the sink if that’s what I had to resort to. I kept it basic and brought one in black and one in white. Simple.

Three Bottoms: This was an easy choice for me since I just brought one of each kind of bottom I had. I brought a good pair of jeans, basic black shorts and a skirt. Again make sure that these pieces can all easily be interchangeable with the tops that you bring so you can create a lot of different outfits while on your trip. I also cheated this rule a bit and brought a pair of leggings.

Three Dresses: For the ladies, these are the best bets for staying comfortable and having an easy wardrobe for summer travel. On my next trip this August I might just pack a suitcase full of dresses. Lesson learned from my last trip, dresses are the best thing to pack because they are an entire outfit that can be modified easily with accessories and they take up little room in your suitcase.

I packed one basic black cotton dress and another dress that was colorful just to mix things up a bit; I’m busy jumping onto trains and looking for my flight info but I still want to be stylish. I also brought one dress that I could wear for a night out at a nice restaurant or club just in case.

Three Shoes: If you are like me, shoes are the biggest obstacles to tackle when packing. I love my shoes and I am a true believer that a pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. In keeping with my new packing mantra however, I had to force myself to remember that shoes are the heaviest item to pack so I had to choose wisely.

Now the shoes you bring definitely depends on the places you are traveling to, as I was traveling to Copenhagen I wanted to bring sturdy walking shoes. I decided to bring a pair of flat black ankle boots that were already broken-in, a pair of comfortable flats and a pair of sandals. Again, all these items could be combined with my clothing in different ways to get a good variety of outfits.

These are the basics for “The Rule of Three” packing method. I think it would be a good idea to bring three kinds of outerwear as well: a cardigan, a hoodie and a sturdy lightweight jacket. However, on my trip I brought my favorite leather jacket and that proved to be all I needed.

Packing can be a daunting task for the fashion-conscious traveler but it can be a great way to challenge your creativity. Keep in mind that packing fewer items can also be a great excuse to make some great clothing purchases abroad. Happy travels!



Photo Credit: Travelfashiongirl.com



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