Diane Von Furstenberg’s Journey of a Dress

In the early 1970s, now iconic designer Diane Von Furstenberg created an article of women’s clothing that would turn into a fashion phenomenon. The wrap dress by the designer has become a closet staple and has become synonymous with the DVF brand. The exhibit “Journey of a Dress”celebrates not just the dress it self but the designer as well.


Presented at the Wilshire May Company Building in Los Angeles, an extension of the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art, the exhibit houses 200 vintage and contemporary wrap dresses designed by Furstenberg through the years, all donned by mannequins molded with the designer’s own face and famous cheekbones. The pieces on display truly show the range and the history of both the dress and Diane Von Furstenberg herself with pieces that range from the last 40 years starting with dresses from 1974 to modern pieces from just two years ago.
Upon entering the exhibit you are instantly greeted with a visual timeline of the wrap dress’ success starting from magazine covers from the 70s that feature the dress to modern photos of celebrities wearing the famed wrap dress such as the First Lady, Michelle Obama. Along with the actual exhibit and the timeline there is also a gallery of photos that pay homage to the designer herself. Featuring works of famed artists from Andy Warhol to Annie Leibowitz, the gallery features portraits of Von Furstenberg that show her not just as a designer but undeniably an icon in the fashion world.

The wrap dress itself has become more than just another article of clothing. For many women, it has become a symbol of feminity and power. For Von Furstenberg the idea was to create a piece of clothing that would represent a changing tide for women at the time. The 1970s was a period that embraced women’s liberation and gender equality, the wrap dress brings together the idea of not just being comfortable as a woman and acknowledging power in women but also embracing one’s feminity.

The exhibit runs from January 11th-April 1st and is free to the general public.



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