Find Fashion Out Of The Ordinary


Fashion is all about innovation and creativity. We are always looking for the next big idea that will leave us wishing we had come up with it ourselves. One ways some designers are taking their creativity to a new level is by making clothing out of materials that you normally would not use.

One material that has inspired a lot of both established and budding designers is paper. We all remember playing with paper dolls as kids and for many that might have been the moment they fell in love with fashion. Manuel Minino’s “Paper Doll” series gives a new take to the beloved paper cutouts that we all cherished. The collection takes newspapers to make beautiful and artistic dresses that combine the idea of being eco-friendly with being design-friendly.
Another group of young designers have found a way to make beautiful dresses out of a budget-friendly material that can be found in every home. Students from Bayonne High School in New Jersey were assigned to make dresses out of toilet paper for the school’s annual design contest last year. The students made pieces that look convincingly similar to other materials such as tulle or satin.
Paper is not the only eco-friendly material that many designers are taking inspiration from. Gary Harveyshowcased pieces that incorporated many recyclable materials for his show at the GreenShows during New York Fashion week last year. Harvey took inspiration from the concept of second-hand clothing and created couture gowns out of materials such as old trench coats and jeans.
While putting the environment in consideration when designing clothing is an inspiring and generous thought, sometimes you just want to have fun with fashion. What’s more fun than being able to play with your food? Another unique take on runway fashion is food fashion. For all you chocoholics now you can have a couture gown made especially for your sweet tooth.

The 18th Salon Du Chocolat at Parc des Expositions Porte de Versailles, a fashion show in celebration of the Paris international chocolate fair, was an entire runway show filled with clothing made entirely of chocolate. Celebrities and models strutted down in the artistic edible creations.

When it comes to fashion and food there is no escaping mentioning the controversial meat dress that Lady Gaga wore to the 2010 MTV Music Awards. The dress was made entirely of raw meat and was designed by Argentine designer Franc Fernandez. The dress was also later preserved and added to Gaga’s personal collection of unique and outrageous outfit collection. Although many animal rights groups have condemned the dress there is no denying that from a design point-of-view the dress was an innovative and creative way to work a material that would not normally be a part of the fabric run for a dress.
While many of the clothing probably won’t last more than one wear they are great examples of how creative fashion can be and to never limit yourself with your ideas. Although, I wouldn’t recommend trying to make a brooch out of the last bit of broccoli hanging out in the back out of your refrigerator.



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